Demand analysis

The aim of demand analysis – performer in order to prepare documentation for applications for EU funding – is the assessment of feasibility of the planned project from the perspective of social demand, which should exceed the planned potential of the project. As such, demand analysis is part of a broader feasibility study and should be conducted by a professional market research entity.

Study scope

The result of demand analysis is an elaboration containing the following information:

  1. Defining the area covered by the demand analysis.
  2. Demand for products/services included in the project.
  3. Applicant’s offer.


Demand analysis is performed based on publicly available data (GUS, macroeconomic and social data), information from applicants and quantitative research.

Our effectiveness

We are pleased to inform you that in the last round of financing, all applications requested to which our agency has performed a demand analysis have received EU funding for planned investment projects.